Friday, November 11, 2011

Rest In Peace Weebly

Recently SLWeebly announced it will be ending.  Thank  to the site operators for making gifting easier for the fan players of SL.  Hopefully they find a way to still operate  :(

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SPOILER ALERT: We Got London All Figured Out

The Mood of the house is London Glam sucks minus a few glam items... except for our Beloved Suriah who loves the glam dropped from London.We think the Film is cool. If u follow what talking to people and doing the mission says...its actually totally different from the Film that u play when u finish London.  the film is more like the Mr and Mrs Smith LOL.  The Philanthropy part was okay this time, not as many glitches and reworks needed this time around.  Although people are just now completing London. Our CRFAP (close reliable friends at playdom lol) tells us thr is another segment coming something like Ricks cafe and more Design Internships are to drop.   London Drops too much influence, but dont all the Study Abroads do that to us?  We are loving the 45charm/45pop cocktail dress at the end along with the 5 bps!
The HellDoll house gives London: Two snaps and a stomp...It was ALRight!!

Study Abroad: London
Number of Brownie Points Dropped:12
Number of Skill Points Dropped: 10
Number of Influence Points Dropped: 950
Number of Borders Given: 4
Work missions needed to advance: 3 and they are...

Chip Shop Vendor        
£ 90
1 hour
£ 255
3 hours  

Police Constablex6
£ 640
8 hours

Internship Item needed: 

CHARM:  23


This what the end of LONDON LOOKS LIKE:


Sunday, September 25, 2011

SL GOSSIP: The Recent Brownie Point Glitch...what's really going on hmmm...

Sorority Life has had the slot Machine for years. Most people look at it as a BP Drainer! About two weeks ago a Brownie Point Glitch gave SL players tens of thousands of Brownie Points.  We heard Playdom lost Millions if dollars in a matter of minutes! It was win win win with every hit on the machine.  People we spoke to said it was just a matter of minutes before Playdom Repossessed the BP's, tho.  If you notice some people that were flat out losers are completely glammed now with multiples of everything from that week, and they got the 600bp slot award dress.  There is one incrowder between the #10-15 spots that have 850 Fighter Fighters (keep in mind 5 fighter fighters were 100 BP's).  People cleaned up on glam, but got there Brownie Points taken.  One of our HellDolls were only able to grab a few glam items before all the Brownie Points were taken.... BOOOO.

There is rumored that a particular person that likes to manipulate the game for players caused the BP Slot Machine Mayhem.  Not saying anymore about that part because the person is one of the sweetest people and if they cause it we wished they would have Hollared at a HellDoll so we could have cleaned up too LOL,

Below is Playdoms Official Announcement pertaining to the BP Glitch. Please take to survey on the side to share ur thought on this or post in the comment section below.

Results of our Recent Survey: Playdom and Brownie Points

 We asked:

Does it seem like Playdom is coming up with more ways to take our Precious Brownie Points

700 visitors say Yes
0    visitors say No